CHROMA knives


The great selection of Japanese knives from Chroma available at MyChefKnives suit the needs of both professional and hobby cooks ! Chroma is a knife manufacturer that has gained the respect and admiration of cooks from Japan and all around the world thanks to the impressive quality and performance of its kitchen knives. Every single Chroma knife is a great representation of the remarkable Japanese know-how in the field of cutlery, which has been passed from generation to generation through several centuries.

Here on our website, you can find the main knife knife ranges that have led Chroma to become one of the most prestigious brands in the market: the Haiku series and the Type 301 Design by F.A. Porsche series. These knives meet the expectations of even the most demanding chefs. Whichever is the type of Chroma Japanese knife that you need for your kitchen (santoku, nakiri, bread knife, chef knife, etc), you can find the perfect one for you in this page !

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