Dear customers,


We have been gladly delivering top-notch kitchen knives and accessories to you for the past five years. We have always tried to offer you the best possible service to make you happy. Our website has happily become one of your favourite places to find the best brands of knives for all types of needs and preferences. 

Unfortunately, we are now facing a major challenge that seriously affects the way we do business. As most of you already know, the United Kingdom left the European Union, and as a French-based company, this event poses several constraints that make it difficult for us to continue to deliver your orders.

The Brexit transition period ends on 31st December 2020. Therefore, starting on 1st January 2021, all items being shipped from France to the United Kingdom will have to go through customs. This means that there will be longer delivery delays and more expensive shipping costs. On top of that, several new rules regarding import and export fees will be put in place ,and we are directly affected by all these changes.

Hence, it is with a big sorrow in our hearts that, as of the 18th December 2020, we stop the business of This was a very difficult decision to make, but we concluded that it was the wisest move considering that the new conditions caused by the Brexit will not allow us to continue to provide the top quality service that you expect from us. 

This is a good-bye, but not a definite one. Even though we will cease to accept new orders, our website will remain online for the following months, and you will be able to contact us if you have any inquiry. As the negotiations between the EU and the UK continue to take place, we hope that some sort of deal can be made in the course of 2021 so that we can be back in business. 

We sincerely thank you all for your understanding, and we hope that perhaps in a future not so far away, we'll be able to meet again.


Sharply yours,


The team of


Questions and Answers


- If I placed an order before the 18th December 2020, will I still receive my parcel?

If all the items that you bought were in stock when you placed the order, you order will still be handled and dispatched as usual. However, if there was one or several items in your order that were not in stock, your order will be canceled, and your payment will be refunded.

- I've been waiting a long time for my product to come back to stock, and now my order got canceled. Why?

We are truly sorry for all the inconvenience caused by this situation. However, with the new customs restrictions that will be put in place due to Brexit, we cannot guarantee that we can send you the product to the UK, even if the product comes back in stock in a later date.

- Would I be able to return my order, which is currently in transit, if I do not like it?

Yes, but you would have to do it before the end of 2020. If you wish to return your order, we strongly advise you to do it at least 4 to 5 days before the end of the year to make sure that your parcel crosses the UK border before the Brexit's customs restrictions start to be put in place. Otherwise, we won't be able to accept your returns. For more information, go have a look at our Money Back Guarantee page.

- I got an issue with a product that I bought on your website a while ago. What should I do?

You can still send us a message using our Contact page or send us an email to, and our Customer Service will be glad to help you out. 

- Will you ever be back in business?

We truly hope so! However, for now, we do not have an answer to that question as it all depends on how the negotiations between the UK and the EU continue to develop during the first months of 2021.

- Can I still track my order or download my invoice?

Yes, you will still have access to all that information in your account. Our website will remain online for that purpose. 


Didn't see an answer that responds to your question? No problem, you can still get in touch with us be sending us an email to or by using our Contact page.