Sabatier Broceliande knives


Take a look at the Sabatier Broceliande knives here at! We are delighted to present this collection of Sabatier knives that are practical and aesthetically pleasing. In this range, you can find a variety of knives such as a chef knife, paring knife, fillet knife, etc. These knives can fulfil all the important cutting tasks in the kitchen. The blades of these kitchen knives are made of N4116 Nitro + stainless steel. This particular steel alloy is enriched with nitrogen, which enhances the blades' long-lasting sharpness. The blades are also corrosion-resistant. Moreover, the handles of these Broceliande knives are made of ash wood, which is a material known for its elasticity. They are very comfortable to hold and are further secured with three rivets that also complete de nice look of these knives. Furthermore, these knives are entirely forged and are thus well balanced. The forging process also makes these knives more robust. The Sabatier Broceliande knives will serve you in all your daily preparations for a long time. Do not hesitate to also check out all the other ranges Sabatier knives available at!