Arcos Riviera White 3-piece Kitchen Knife Set

Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set - indispensable tools for your kitchen

It includes : 1 paring knife; 1 santoku knife (hollow edge); 1 chef knife

Blade made of NITRUM stainless steel enriched with nitrogen - super strong

Knives fully made from one single piece of steel - guaranteed robustness

Triple riveted handles made of white-coloured POM with ergonomic design

Manufactured in Albacete, Spain

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  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece Kitchen Knife Set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece Kitchen Knife Set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set
  • Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set

Data sheet

Material : Stainless steel
Handle : POM
Warranty : 10 years
Made in : Spain
Colour : White
Number of pieces : 3

More info

Immerse yourself into the world of high-quality cutlery by equipping your kitchen with the knives made by Arcos. Based in Albacete (the capital of Spanish cutlery), this brand is one of the most traditional and respected brands in the field of cutlery for manufacturing its products following the highest standards of quality. In fact, Arcos has more than 270 years in the market offering top-quality kitchen knives and tools for professional chefs and hobby cooks in the whole world.

The Arcos Riviera White series is with no doubt one of the most appreciated knife ranges ever made by Arcos. Every single knife from this range is characterised for its outstanding cutting performance and gorgeous design. In fact, the 3-star chef Quique Dacosta uses the knives from the Riviera White series, which proves that these knives have special features that are appreciated even by the best chefs!

We highly recommend you to get the Arcos Riviera White 3-piece knife set because it includes the most important knives that you can have in your kitchen. Indeed, with such selection of knives you are going to be able to perform a huge list of tasks in your kitchen for preparing your delicious meals. Find below the knives included in this set and its different functionalities :

- 1 paring knife 10cm - Ideal for cutting and peeling your fruits and vegetables

- 1 santoku (hollow edge) knife 14cm - Perfect for cutting meats, vegetables, fruits, fish and more!

- 1 chef knife 20cm - Versatile knife that can cut, chop, mince and slice all ingredients with ease

All the knives mentioned above are equipped with blades made of NITRUM stainless steel, which is enriched with nitrogen. This steel composition (which is exclusively made by Arcos) provides more hardness, better cutting power, and long-lasting sharpness. Furthermore, the blades are entirely forged from a single piece of steel, which is a method that gives an excellent level of endurance and robustness to the whole knife.

Furthermore, the handles are super durable and have great hygienic properties because they are made with a high-quality synthetic material: polyoxymethylene (POM). Moreover, the handles are attached with three crossing stainless steel rivets that are responsible for providing great balance and solidity to the knife.

And last but not least, these knives are certified by the NSF (National Sanitation Foundation), which is an American organism that makes sure that products are manufactured under the highest standards of hygiene and quality. Therefore, the NSF seal is a clear proof that these knives are truly top-quality products.

We invite you to explore the whole collection of knives from the Arcos Riviera White series and equip your kitchen with elegant and efficient knives. Don't forget that at MyChefKnives you can find the best knives and accessories for your kitchen!