Japanese Whetstone Double Grit 1000/3000 + water reservoir

Japanese Sharpening Stone - indispensable accessory in every kitchen

This whetstone is perfect for sharpening the blades of your kitchen knives

It comes with a plastic water reservoir to keep the stone always slightly wet

Grit 1000: coarse grains ideal for the initial sharpening of steel blades

Grit 3000: fine grains for the final sharpening and polishing of the blade's edge

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Sharpener : Whetstone

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The whetstone is the most recommendable accessory to use when sharpening Japanese kitchen knives. Therefore, if you are fan of the santoku, yanagiba, deba, and nakiri knives, you should equip your kitchen with the Japanese Whetstone Double Grit 1000/3000 that we offer you in this page.

This Japanese whetstone two different faces with different grit levels. The fact of having two different grits allow you to obtain more complete sharpening results, by first passing the blade along the coarser grit and then finish it along the finer grit. The two grits are described below”

- Grit 1000: this part has fine grains that are coarse enough to do the initial sharpening of your steel kitchen knives. However, if you intend to sharpen a blunt knife, it is recommendable to use another whetstone with a lower grit.

- Grit 3000: composed of ultra fine grains, this part is used for the final sharpening of the blade’s edge. This face should be used after you have already sharpened your knife with the grit 1000.

Another advantage of purchasing this Japanese whetstone is that it comes with its own plastic water reservoir that allows the stone to remain slightly wet while you sharpen your knives. In fact, all whetstones are required to keep some level of humidity on them, because if they are completely dry, the grains could actually damage the blade.

The dimensions of this whetstone are the following: 210 x 80 x 55 millimeters. With this size, you can easily carry and store the whetstone in any drawer of your kitchen. Just remember to be careful in not letting fall down, because the stone can get broken, and you would not be able to put it back together.

We invite you to discover all the Japanese whetstones available on our website. The best accessories for your kitchen are always at MyChefKnives!