Wusaki Ebony AUS8 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife

Wusaki Ebony AUS8 knife set - the perfect gift for a passionate cook!

Japanese AUS-8 stainless steel - long lasting sharpness

Blades with hammered surface that is less sticky for foods

Final sharpening made by hand on a leather grinding band

Oval handles made of ebony wood - robust and resistant

Black, elegant box with foam inside to protect the knives

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  • Wusaki Ebony AUS8 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Ebony AUS8 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife

Data sheet

Material : Stainless steel
Handle : Ebony
Dishwasher safe: No
Number of pieces : 2

More info

The Wusaki Ebony AUS8 knives are suitable for professional chefs as well as for home cooks. They are made in the city of Canton, which is the capital of the Guangdong province in Western China. This region is historically known for its vast know-how in the manufacturing of cutlery. Wusaki makes its knives following and complying with the quality standards put in place by the professionals in the European industry. 

Each Wusaki knife has been designed to meet the needs and expectations of passionate cooks who look for knives that combine an excellent cutting performance and a gorgeous design. When you buy a Wusaki knife, you are buying a a tool of professional quality at an unbeatable price. The Wusaki Ebony AUS82-piece knife set in this page is not the exception.

Set content:

- 1 chef knife 20cm: perfect for dicing, slicing, and mincing a large variety of food ingredients such as herbs, fruits, vegetables, fish, and boneless meats. 

- 1 paring knife 9cm: handy and easy to manipulate, it is ideal for working with small vegetables and fruits.

The blades of these kitchen knives are made of AUS-8 stainless steel, which is a Japanese steel highly appreciated by cooks around the world. Its high content of chromium (14.5%) and molybdenum make the blades resistant to corrosion. This characteristic is major perk, because it enables the blades to be perfectly suitable for usage in professional kitchens. 

Moreover, this type of steel is also enriched with tungsten and carbon (0.8%), which are two elements that increase the hardness of the blades, thus enabling them to reach a hardness level of 59 HRC in the Rockwell scale. With this level of hardness, the blades are easy to hone, which is not the case for most blades made of other types of Japanese steel. The best way to sharpen the blades is to use a whetstone, but you can also use a sharpening steel to quickly hone the edge before every usage.

Another remarkable characterisic of these knives' blades is their hammered surface. This is done by a mechanical press, and the dimples that are formed on the surface make the blades less sticky for the foods when they are being cut. In addition, the hammered surface also enhances the original look of the knives.

The handles of these Wusaki knives are made of ebony wood. This exotic wood is mostly used in the manufacturing of luxurious items. In the cutlery industry, the ebony wood is reserved for high-end knives. It stands out for its durability and resistant to humidity, as well as for its natural beauty with elegant dark tones.

Each handle is varnished so that it can resist better humidity. Moreover, its oval shape is perfect for both right and left handed cooks as it provides a comfortable grip. The bottom end of each handle has the Japanese character "Tiger" engraved on it, which is just another authentic detail that proves the large amount of attention that was paid for the design of these knives.

This Wusaki Ebony AUS8 set is sold in a black, robust box. The elegance of its packaging makes this set a great option to offer as a present to anyone passionate about fine cutlery. The interior of the box is filled with rigid foam so that the knives can remain well protected at all times.

How to take care of your knives? We recommend you to wash them by hand with a sponge and a bit of mild soap. Wipe them well after washing them so that no humidity traces appear on them once they dry up. Then, store them in a safe, dry place such as in a knife block or a in a chef roll bag. It is also important to mention that the first time that you'll take the knives out of the box, the blades will be covered with a bit of protection oil. This is completely normal, and all you need to do is to rinse them off before the first usage.

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