Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife

Wusaki knife set with the 2 most important knives in the kitchen!

Sold in a beautiful, black gift box with protection foam inside

Japanese VG10 steel cores (1% carbon) - Hardness level of 60 HRC

Hammered surface for better aesthetics and increased non-stick capacity

67 layers of damask steel that create original patterns on the surface

Ergonomic handle made of olive wood - beautiful, unique veinings

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  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 2-piece Set with Chef knife + Paring knife

Data sheet

Material : Damascus steel
Handle : Olive Wood
Dishwasher safe: No
Colour : Wooden
Number of pieces : 2

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Each knife from the Wusaki Damas VG10 range is designed to meet the highest expectations of both professional and domestic cooks. The astonishing look of the knives will make your eyes shine since the moment you open the box. As for their cutting performance, the first cut will be enough to prove their excellent quality.

A smart way to bring the quality of the Damas VG10 series to your kitchen at an advantageous price is to buy one of the knife sets offered in this range. For instance, this set is perfect for your daily food cuts, and it can also be a great option to offer as a gift!

This set contains:

- 1 paring knife 9cm: ideal for peeling or making decorative cuts on small fruits and vegetables

- 1 chef knife 20cm: the polyvalent knife par excellence; it can be use for mincin, dicing, and slicing all types of foods.

The knives included in this set are the 2 most used types of kitchen knives. They are indispensable in every kitchen as they can help you to cut a vastly varied selection of foods (fruits, vegetables, meats, etc...).

Let's now discover the characteristics that make these knives so special:

The blade

It has a VG10 steel core with 1% of carbon content that is responsible for the hardness level of 60 HRC in the Rockwell scale. Such level of hardness prevents you from having to sharpen the blade so frequently. This type of Japanese steel is indeed highly appreciated by cooks around the world thanks to its capacity of remaining sharp.

The core is "wrapped" with 67 layers of damask steel. The combination of different layers of steel (otherwise known as the damask or damascus method) around a core whilst alternating between hard and soft steel gives the blade an original look by creating unique patterns on its surface. This method also helps the blade to have an optimal balance between hardness and flexibility.

Another important aesthetic feature of the blade is its hammered surface. It has been hammered with a press, and this creates patterns on the surface that are unique to each single knife. However, the look is not its only purpose. In fact, the hammered surface also enhance the blade's non-stick capacity.

Wusaki Damas VG10 knives

Furthermore, the blade's surface has been polished to get a mirror-effect that ends up adding still more cachet to its appearance. The polished surface also plays a role in increasing the blade's resistance to corrosion, because it flattens the surface thus making it less porous. 

Characterised for its capacity of making clean and precise cuts, the blade has a a V-shaped edge that penetrates food effortlessly. In fact, the blade's final sharpening was made by hand using a leather band at a total angle of 30° (meaning 15° on each side). The result is undeniable: a sharp edge that makes cutting food a much more pleasant experience!

The handle

As important as the blade, the handle is also an essential part of every Wusaki knife. It is made of olive wood that has been treated to have a surface that is soft to touch. This noble wood, which has a fruity scent, makes a beautiful contrast with the metal of the blade, and the veinings on its surface are unique on each knife.

The original shape of the handle that allows you to hold it comfortably and firmly. You get to truly have the control of the knife as the thumb and the forefinger are able to keep great strength during the usage of the knife. As it is the case in all Wusaki knives, the handle is longer than the average so that it can be easier to manipulate. The final touch of elegance is found on the bottom of the handle where the Japanese character "Tiger" has been engraved by laser.

Because every Wusaki Damas VG10 knife is truly a piece of art, its packaging also has to be of top quality. That is why this knife set sold in a black box with foam inside to protect that protect the knive from hits or strokes. The elegance of the box makes this set a great option to offer as a gift!

To take good care of your knives: always wash them by hand using lukewarm water and mild soap. Then, wipe them with a soft cloth and store them in a dry place. You must also know that when you first receive the knives, the blades will be coated with protectio oil. This is normal, and all you need to do is to wash the bladse before its first usage.

When washing the knives, try to avoid as much as possible to wet the handles, because the wood doesn’t like humidity. In fact, to protect and preserve the wood of the handles, we recommend you to wipe them from time to time with a cloth slightly soaked in olive oil.

Discover the reste of kitchen knives from Wusaki available on MyChefKnives and equip your kitchen with the best quality at the best price!

Reviews from our customers : 10 / 10 from 3 review(s)

Perfect Knife Set
Philip A. on 13/10/2020 Wonderfully constructed with an amazing feel and ability to control each slice. Both knives were razor sharp out of the box which i would expect for such a high end product. Would highly recommend these knives.
Beautiful knives
Louis D. on 31/08/2020 Having done quite a bit of research before buying these I thought I knew what to expect. These are even better than I had hoped. The weighting is perfect for me, they are visually stunning and so so sharp. A joy to prep with.
Wusaki Damas Knife Set
Ann S. on 06/08/2020 Great product, didn't realise company was France based as the site was a .co.uk. Deliver took a lot longer than I expected. After chasing courier 3 times finally got my parcel.

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