Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle

The Wusaki Pakka X50 utility knife is a must-have fin every kitchen!

German stainless steel X50CrMoV15 of professional quality

Blade with hammered surface that enhances its non-stick capacity

V-shaped edge sharpened by hand with a leather grinding band

Pakkawood handle with great resistance to humidity and changes in temperature

The bottom of the handle has an original engraving done with laser

Sold in an elegant box with foam inside to protect the knife

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  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle
  • Wusaki Pakka X50 Utility Knife 12cm pakkawood handle

Data sheet

  • Material : Hammered steel
  • Handle : Pakka
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Size : 12

More info

This utility knife 12cm is one of the most polyvalent knives that you can have in your kitchen. To put it into perspective, this knife is a bigger version of a paring knife and a smaller version of a chef knife. It is great for cutting fruits and vegetables with great precision. It is very handy so you'll love using it for your daily food cuts.

As part of the Wusaki Pakka X50 series, this knife is suitable for both domestic and professional use. The Wusaki Pakka X50 range was created to let you equip your kitchen at the best price without having to sacrifice quality! Durability and ergonomic design are just some of the characteristics that make these knives so special. Let's also add that their authentic and effective design makes them not only pleasant to use but also to look!

The blade is made of German stainless steel with the composition X50CrMoV15. This professional steel is well known for its durability and because it is easy to maintain (both to wash it and to sharpen it). One of its best characteristics is its 15% of chromium content, which is what makes it so resistant to corrosion. Its carbon content is of 0.5% (for the hardness), and it is also enriched with molybdenum and vanadium (for the resistance to strokes and for the elasticity).

Reaching a hardness level of 56/58 HRC in the Rockwell scale, the blade can remainssharp for a good amount of time and it is also easy to re-sharpen when needed. The best way to do it is by using one of the Wusaki sharpening stones that you can also find here on our website.

One of the coolest and most original features on the blade is without any doubt its hammered surface. Each blade is hammered with a mechanical press that creates patterns that are unique on each single blade. This surely gives an original look to the knife, but the the hammered surface also serves to reduce the stickiness of the blade's surface, which allows your to make cleaner cuts.

In addition, the blade has a V-shaped edge that was sharpened by hand with the use of a grinding leather band at a lateral angle of 15° (thus an accumulated angle of 30°). The result is a blade that penetrates the foods smoothly and effortlessly. Since the very first cut, you'll be dazzled by its outstanding cutting performance!

Wusaki Pakka X50 knife

But the blade isn't everything. This Wusaki knife also has a top quality handle that is made of pakkawood: a composite material highly appreciated in the culinary world thanks to its durability and robustness. This material is made by resin and laminated wood being compressed together by heat. The final result creates veinings on the surface that provide a remarkable resemblance with wood. Pakkawood is also known for its anti-bacterial properties and its resistance to the changes in temperature. It has been also varnished to add an extra layer of protection against humidity and stains.

The handle suits perfectly both left and right-handed cooks thanks to its simple, ergonomic shape. The reddish, warm tones on the handle create the perfect contrast with the hammered steel of the blade. At the base (bottom) of the handle, there is an engraving of the Japanese character "Tiger." The handle of Wusaki knives are a bit longer than the average so that they are easier and more comfortable to manipulate.

So what else can we say about this great Wusaki Pakka X50 knife? To top it off, the knife is sold in an elegant, black box with foam in its interior that keeps the knife well protected. The box is so beautiful that is certainly perfect to offer it as a gift to a passionate cook.

For the care and maintenance of this knife, we advise you to wash it by hand using lukewarm water and a mild soap.Next, wipe it with a soft cloth to dry it before storing it in a safe place. You must know that when you receive your knife, the blade will be coated with protection oil. To get rid of it, all you need to do is to wash the blade before its first usage.

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