Tadafusa Japanese Knives


It is not easy to find truly traditional and authentic Japanese knives in the European market, but our team at MyChefKnives made it much easier for you with this selection of Tadafusa knives ! These Japanese kitchen knives are made by hand under the purest tradition of the old Japanese know-how in the field of cutlery. Most Tadafusa knives are manufactured in the Japanese city of Sanjo, which is well-known as "a town of blacksmith." Being the result of traditional manufacturing processes, these knives have a remarkable cutting performance, and their beautiful looks meet the expectations of an authentic Japanese knife. Moreover, Tadafusa uses exotic types of steel that are new to the Western market such as Blue Steel and the SLD steel... this is the real Japanese stuff ! So don't hesitate anymore and give yourself a treat by getting a Tadafusa knife for your kitchen!

Regardless of the brand or the type of manufacturing process, MyChefKnives is the right place to find the best Japanese knives for your kitchen. Shop now and take advantage of our great prices!