Miyabi 5000MCD knives


Discover all the high-end kitchen knives from the Miyabi 5000MCD series that are available at MyChefKnives.co.uk! These top-quality Japanese knives are products of outstanding cutting performance and breathtaking design. Each single part of the Miyabi 5000MCD knives has been designed with great care to even the smallest detail. The blade, for example, has an ultra rigid core of a high quality steel that allows the blade to remain sharp for long time. Each blade goes through a process called CRYODUR, which consists in enhancing the blade's hardness by cooling it in ice. Moreover, the core is surrounded by 101 layers of damask steel that give the knife a truly original look.

Another special feature that characterises all Miyabi 5000MCD knives is the handle. Beautiful and ergonomic, it is made of birchwood, and it has a traditional D shape that is very common in Japanese cutlery. The veining of the birchwood on each handle's surface is unique and original. This is just another proof that every single Miyabi 5000MCD knife is a true masterpiece! So hurry up and get yours here on our site!