KAI Pure Komachi 2 Series

Pure Komachi 2

Add a vivid and colourful touch to your kitchen with the kitchen knives from the Pure Komachi 2 series! These multicolourful knives are made by the renowned brand KAI. The knives from this series are mainly characterised for their colourful blades that are covered with non-slip coatings of different colours. Indeed, every type of kitchen knife is of a different colour, thus you will always know that the yellow one is the paring knife, the green is the utility one, and so on...

The Pure Komachi 2 kitchen knives are comfortable to use thanks to their ultra ergonomic handles made of polypropylene resin. The colour of the handle always matches the colour of the blade. Finally, it must also be said that the price of the Pure Komachi 2 has been studied to adapt to even the lowest budgets. Therefore, if you want good quality at a low price, this is the right place to find the perfect knives for your kitchen!