KASUMI Premium Set of 2 Japanese whetstones 240/1000 and 3000/8000 + 4 accessories

This Kasumi set of whetstones is all you need for sharpening your knives!

Includes: 2 whetstones, 2 flattening stones, and 2 angle guides

Grit 240/1000 : ideal for blunt knives and for regular maintenance

Grit 3000/8000 : ultra fine grain for ensuring a razor sharp edge

The set also includes 2 non-slip bases for posing the whetstones

Manufactured in Japan

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  • KASUMI Premium Set of 2 Japanese whetstones 240/1000 and 3000/8000 + 4 accessories
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Data sheet

Made in : Japan
Number of pieces : 6
Sharpener : Whetstone

More info

Any passionate cook knows that for preparing food there is nothing better than using well-sharpened knives. Likewise, any passionate cook should know that this Kasumi Premium Set of 2 whetstones + accessories is perfect to keep your kitchen knives always sharp. Especially if you are a fan of Japanese cutlery, this set of sharpening stones is a must-have in your kitchen.

The items included in this set are the following:

- 2 Japanese whetstones: one with grit 240/1000 for blunt knives and with grit 3000/8000 for fine sharpening of ultra rigid blades

- 2 sharpening angle guides: perfect to help you keep the right angle of the blades while sharpening your knives with the wehtstones

- 2 flattening stones: ideal to maintain the surface of your whetstones always flat so that the blades of your knives don't get damaged by an irregular surface.

- 2 bases / water reservoirs: they are perfect for posing your whetstones when your sharpen your kitchen knives. Their non-slip feet ensure that the whetstone remains still while the sharpening takes place.

This set of whetstones + accessories from the Japanese brand Kasumi is obviously ideal to be used with knives from the same brand. However, it can also perfectly be used with kitchen knivs of other Japanese brands as well as with knives of Western brands. Thanks to the difference in grit levels of the 2 stones included in this set, you can sharpen blunt knives and also high end knives. 

Here is the explanation of what use you should give to each whetstone:

Grit 240/1000: coarse grains ideal for restoring the edge of blunt knives and for the regular sharpening of knives with not so rigid types of steel. This stone must never be used with knives that have blades with a hardness rating above 60 HRC.

Grit 3000/8000: ultra fine grain that is used for the final sharpening of the blade’s edge. It is ideal for blades with 60 HRC or higher. This stone must not eb used with blunt knives or knives with steel blades with a hardness rating lower than 59 HRC.

To get the best possible results from using both whetstones, they must first be soaked in water for about 5 to 10 minutes. Then, while the sharpening process is taking place, you must make sure that the whetstone stays always slightly wet. When sliding the edge of the blade across the stone's surface, make sure to keep the blade always at an angle of around 15° in relation to the stone.

We also invite you have a look at all the Kasumi knives available on our website. Choose your preferred ones and sharpen them using this set of whetstones !