Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle

Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife - the art of Japanese cutlery in your own kitchen!

High-quality Japanese knife for cutting and chopping all sorts of vegetables

Forged by hand : fine and remarkbable traditional know-how

Beautiful design with rustic look and an impressive cutting performance

Blade made of high-carbon Blue Steel with a 61 HRC hardness rating

Handle made of pakka wood + synthetic black bolster

Made by craftsmen in Niigata, Japan


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  • Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle
  • Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle
  • Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle
  • Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle
  • Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife 15cm - pakkawood handle

Data sheet

  • Material : Damascus steel
  • Handle : Pakka
  • Dishwasher safe: No
  • Made in : Japan
  • Size : 15

More info

Tadafusa knives are an authentic representation of the renowned Japanese know-how in the manufacturing of knives. All the kitchen knives from this brand are manually forged in Niigata, Japan, by real craftsment who use adapted methods of the old techniques of the Japanese blacksmiths (those who created the katana). That exaplains why Tafusa knives are so special and why their quality is so high. 

For example, the Tadafusa Nashiji Nakiri Knife is a top-quality utensil that you can use to cut and chop your vegetables ina precise and easy way. Since the very first cut, you will be able to be witness of the extraordinary cutting performance of this knife. And that's without mentioning that its look will seduce you since you take it out of the box !

The characteristics that make this knife so special are the following:

- The blade is made of Blue Steel, which has a special composition that is rich in carbon, chromium and tungsten. As the carbon content is about 1.2%, a very high level compared to the average of 0.5 to 1% for the Western and Japanese blades, the blade becomes very solid.

- On top of the Blue Steel core there is a layer of mild stainless steel, and this combination of types of steel results advantageous for the blade. If the Blue Steel is hard and less concentrated in chrome, the mild stainless steel is therefore more flexible and more resistant to corrosion. This will be the perfect combination of strength and sharpness, and stainless and flexibility properties. The overlapping layers are visible on the bottom of the cutting edge.

- This blade receives heat treatments (switching from a high to a very low temperature) that allow it to reach an average hardness of about 61 HRC. This high level of hardness ensures a durable sharp edge, and therefore more spaced sharpening. Due to its rigidity, carbon-rich steel blades are particularly easier to sharpen.

- The handle is made of pakka wood, which is a top-quality composite material that is the result of the combination between resin and wood. It is highly resistant and it has anti-bacterial properties that chefs and home cooks appreciate. 

- Finally, the black synthetic bolster provides a perfect junction between the blade and handle. On top of that, it also contributes to the beautiful and original look of the knife, because its black colour makes nice contrast between the colour of the wood handle and the colour of the steel blade.

With all these characteristics, it is very clear that this nakiri knife is not just any other kitchen knife. Whether you are professional chef or a home cook, this knife will meet and surpass ll your expectations! However, to preserve both its quality and beauty, it is important that you take good care of it by always washing it by hand and dry it immediately. It is also important to have in mind that due to its ultra rigid blade, it should only be sharpened with whetstones that have grains superior to 1000.

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