Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle

This Wusaki santoku knife is a must-have for your daily cuts!

Scalloped blade with core made of Japanese VG10 steel

67 layers of damascus steel covering the core + hammered surface

60 HRC in the Rockwell hardness scale - durable sharpness

Handle made of olive wood with veinings that are unique to each single knife

Sold in an elegant gift box with protection foam inside

Limited stock

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  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle
  • Wusaki Damas VG10 Santoku Knife 17cm olive wood handle

Data sheet

Material : Damascus steel
Handle : Olive Wood
Dishwasher safe: No
Colour : Wooden
Size : 17 cm

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The santoku knife in this page is undoubtedly one of the most polyvalent and versatile knives of the Damas VG10 series. Indeed, with this knife you can make a wide variety of cuts (mincing, dicing, slicing, etc) on fruits, vegetables, meats, herbs, and many other types of foods. The Japanese shape of its blade is the equivalent of what we call a chef knife here in the Western world.

It has a Japanese VG10 steel core with 1% of carbon content, which enables the blade to reach a hardness level of 60 HRC in the Rockwell scale. This high level rigidity is what allows the blade to remain sharp for longer time. This is why the VG10 steel is appreciated by cooks not only from Japan but from all around the world.

Around the core there are 67 layers of soft and hard steel. This type of constructions is a what is commonly know as a damascus blade. The alternatin layers of hard and soft steel give the blade an original look because the different layers create unique patterns on the blade's surface. In addition to the aesthetics, the the different stell layers also help the blade to have an optimal balance between hardness and flexibility.

To push even further the dazzling appearance of the blade, the top part of its surface has been hammered with a press. This creates patterns on the surface that are unique to each single knife. However, hammering the blade's surface not only enhances its look but it also increases the blade's non-stick capacity.

Wusaki Damas VG10 knives

Moreover, the blade has also been polished to give it a mirror-effect. The shiny surface adds cachet to the blade's look, but the polished surface also plays a role in increasing the blade's resistance to corrosion. This is explained by the fact that the polishing flattens the surface thus making it less porous. 

One last thing to mention about the blade is that its final sharpening was done manually using a leather band at a total angle of 30° (meaning 15° on each side). The V-shaped edge enables clean and precise cuts on your foods. In terms of sharpness, this knife is truly one of a kind! (Be careful with your fingers!)

Now we can move on to another important part of the knife: the handle. It is made of olive wood that has been treated to have a surface that is soft to touch. This noble wood, which has a fruity scent, makes a beautiful contrast with the shiny metal of the blade. The veinings on the handle are unique on each knife, so you can be sure that your knife will be literally one of a kind!

The original shape of the handle allows you to hold it comfortably. Your thumb and your forefinger are able to keep a firm position during your cuts, thus enabling you to have full control of the knife. The handle is also longer than the average so that it can be easier to manipulate and grasp. Finally, the bottom of the handle has the Japanese character "Tiger" engraved on it by laser, which is the perfect final touch for a truly unique handle!

Last but not least, this Wusaki Damas VG10 santoku knife is also special because of its packing. The box has also been carefully designed to meet the highest expectations. In fact, this knife is sold in a black box with foam inside to protect the knife. The elegance of the box makes it a great option to offer as a gift!

Wash and care tips: wash it by hand using lukewarm water and mild soap. Then, wipe it with a soft cloth and store it in a dry place. You must also know that when you first receive the knife, the blade will be coated with protectio oil. This is normal, and all you need to do is to wash the blade before its first usage.

When washing the knife, try to avoid as much as possible to wet the handle, because the wood doesn’t like humidity. In fact, to protect and preserve the wood of the handle, we recommend you to wipe it  from time to time with a cloth slightly soaked in olive oil.

When looking for kitchen knives of exceptional quality and a dazzling design, the Wusaki Damas VG10 knives are exactly what you need. These knives are designed to meet the needs and expectations of both professional and domestic cooks. Since the moment you open the box, you will realize that each Wusaki Damas VG10 knife is truly a masterpiece of cutlery.

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Reviews from our customers : 10 / 10 from 8 review(s)

Victoria B. on 11/01/2021 Fabulous knife, well presented. Efficient service, quickly delivered. Thank you
Excellent quality
Amanda R. on 30/12/2020 From ordering to delivery the communication with the company has been excellent. The company are very friendly and easy to communicate with, always responding to emails and phone calls......thank you so much for all your help in getting me this knife in time for my sons Christmas present
Great all round chef's knife
Stephen K. on 28/12/2020 Great quality knife, looks beautiful and is very sharp.
Victor T. on 13/12/2020 This knive is perfect for me. Not to say the likes of global santoku knives aren't great but the handle is just a little short of a nice fit. The Wusaki has a larger handle which means a better grip and control for me.
My first real Japanese knife
Tamas K. on 05/12/2020 What to say, it is like a dream. Well built, robust, traditional, perfect looking material selections, combinations and manufacturing. The knife comes in a beautyful display box. I also keep it in the box, when not used. Cuts everything like a razorblade. If you are beginner, watch your fingers. Makes each cooking a new level of pleasure.
simon c. on 09/11/2020 This knife is excellent great quality
A great addition to the kitchen
Rahul R. on 23/10/2020 This is a very well made and balanced knife. Edge keeps well and although I have yet to re-sharpen it, would imagine that a good ceramic stone or diamond steel is all that it will need to keep it's edge.
Mrs. Irene Crisp
Irene C. on 09/10/2020 As far as I know the product is good. As it was a present to someone at another address I cant help any further. Thank you ou. Mrs. Irene crisp