Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silicone stand

This WUSAKI Whetstone 240/800 is an essential kitchen accessory!

Double sided stone with two different coarse grit for sharpening dull knives

Red side grit 240 : ultra abrasive grains ideal for fully blunt blades

Blue side grit 800: perfect to finish the blade's edge after using the grit 240

Sold with a black silicone stand for safer and more stable usage

Measures: 18 x 6 x 3 centimeters

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  • Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silicone stand
  • Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silicone stand
  • Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silicone stand
  • Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silicone stand

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Sharpener : Whetstone

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At MyChefKnives, we believe that no cook should ever have to prepare foods using a knife with a poor cuttiing performance. That is why we propose you on our website accessories of great quality to maintain your knives always sharp. For instance, the Wusaki whetstone grit 240/800 is a great option for "bringing back to life" your dull knives!

This whetstone has two different sides with different different grit (both are very abrasive) to guarantee better and more complete results. You can always start by using the coarser side to do the initial sharpening, and then pass to the less coarse side to do the final sharpening. The grit of each side is described below:

- Grit 240 (the red part): perfect for restoring the edge of a truly dull blade. The grains are highly abrasive, so this part is great for "cleaning" the edge of the blade which might have some steel spikes. Such abrasive grit should only be used with blades that cut very badly. 

- Grit 800 (the blue part): this side is perfect to finish the sharpening of a blade that was initially passed over the grit 240. The grains of this side are very abrasive but enough to restore the edge of a dull blade, thus if you sharpen a blunt knife, you should use the grit 200 before using the grit 800.

If your knife has a blade that is made of a not so hard steel (below 55 HRC), the grit 800 can be used as your regular whetstone to simply give maintenance to your knife's blade. If the blade has a higher level of hardness, it is recommended to use a stone with finer grains such as the Wusaki whetstone 1000/3000 which is also available on our site.

The total dimensions of this whetstone are the following: 18 x 6 x 3 centimeters. It is sold with a black silicone stand where you can put the stone to guarantee a safer usage. Why safer? Because by putting the stone in the stand, the silicone creates a nonslip effect that keeps your whestone still when you pass the blades across the stone's surface.

How to use this whetstone:

- soak the stone in water about 15 minutes before usage.

- take out the stone of the water an place it on a flat, stable surface.

- place the superior half of the blade at 45° in relation to the stone's surface.

- apply a slight pressure with your index and midle finger over the blade and adjust the angle to between 10 and 15°.

- slide the blade back and forth and you'll see that fillings will start to come off the blade's edge. This is normal as that is what proves that the blade is being sharpened. Add a bit of water to keep the stone wet if necessary. To check if the blade has reached the desired sharpness, you can test the blade by cutting a sheet of paper.

Even though the process seems complicated at the beginning, you'll soon realize that with just a bit of practice you'll be able to master its usage! The frequency of usage of any whetstone will depend on how often and intensively you use your kitchen knives, but in general, the sharpening results of a whetstone are usually more durable than those of any other type of knife sharpener.

Find more whetstones of different levels of grit in our page of Wusaki sharpening stones. Go have a look and choose the best one for your kitchen!

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Wusaki Combination Whetstone Grit 240/800 + silico
Malcolm P. on 12/05/2020 I bought the item for my son, he has used it a few times now and seems very pleased with it.